Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Escape of Prancer, Peter and Jaimy

Normally pigs and goats don't like each other. Here is a little story you should hear before you make your final decision...

One day Prancer and Peter and Jaimy were in their pen locked up, they heard Arnie the Pig snuffling around outside their pen. Prancer and Peter immediately started screaming: "LET US OUT!! LET US OUT!! LET US OUT!!" Jaimy, the cool-headed one, started shouting over the other kids: ARNIE!!! LET US OUT!!! YOU CAN OPEN THE DOOR!!! Arnie grunted, it sounded a bit like:"Why should I?" "Because then we can smell the fresh air an-... AAAHHHGGG!!!!!!!!! PRANCER THAT STINKS!!!!!!!!!! Arnie I'm begging you, Prancer just bit the cheese, you gotta let us ouuut!!!!!!!!!!" They could hear Arnie sigh, "Fine I'll let you out if *I* can have some cheese too." He could hear snickers from in the pen. "Okay,you can have some cheese... But I'm warning you, it might be Limburger..." Arnie wondered what Limburger was, but oh well, cheese was cheese wasn't it? He snuffled around the door, then pushed the table saw away from the door. The kids then stood on their hind legs pushed the door over and stepped out. Arnie smelled something *really* bad, "There's your cheese Arnie!" shouted Prancer. And with that, they ran out of the barn. Arnie felt conned, "That was not cheese.", he thought, "I will think on it." He went and found a nice patch of sun and took a nap. When he woke up it was just a faint memory. The kids kept smiling at him so they must be friends... right?

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Millie said...

We goats can always trick a pig. I've never met a pig, but I'm sure we goats could all trick a pig.