Friday, June 18, 2010

In a Goats Shoes

This blog will be posted on by my entire family. I am 11 years old & a have a growing goat farm. So far I have 12 goats, Girls: Uhura, Wendy, Zoey, Zelda, Gold, Silver, and Lilly. Boys: Tinkerbell, (What can I say? He looked like a Tinky.) Prancer, Peter, Jaimy, and Fudge. Uhura, Wendy, Zoey and Zelda are purebred Pygmy Goats. Tinkerbell is a purebred LaMancha. Lily and Jaimy are Wendy's kids, they are half LaMancha, half Pygmy. Prancer and Peter are the same except Uhura is the mother. Gold and Silver and Zoey and Zelda have never had kids. Fudge is a Mini Nubian LaMancha. I just got him a couple of days ago to breed Zoey and Zelda with. I am probably selling Prancer and Peter on Sunday. More pics tomorrow!

The pic is of Lily, She is the sweetest little doe ever.

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drmsix said...

I'm proud of you!!