Monday, August 23, 2010

Flash Back! Part 2

Aww, isn't Lily cute?

Animal Update

Lily is at the top of the world. Literally. I am trying to get the 6 big girls to accept her, so far only Zoey has kinda been nice. Except for the occasional T-Boning they get along pretty well. Lily has also tried to start a fight with Gold, Gold did not accept the challenge. Thankfully, she just stood there and let Lily head-butt her knees.
Zoey is probably pregnant and is due for January 8th. I know winter births are not exactly the greatest thing ever, but once Cupid hits...
Zelda is already being trained for the fair next year, she is a very nice walker and squares up very nicely but she is very afraid of loud noises and sudden movements, all in all, she is skittish. But I hope to enter her in the fair in the pet class.
Wendy is still "Wendiferous", sweet but dumb.
Uhura is a very sweet girl, she has a weird thing going on, she will suddenly freeze up, then snort, then twitch her leg up and down.... very weird.
Silver seems to have a very serious case of chewing with her mouth open.
Gold seems to be getting a case of the "Wendy Bug". Symptoms are: staring off into the distance, eyes glazing over and trying to eat leaves and grass without opening mouth.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flashback! Part 1: The Old Goats

From top to bottom: Tinkerbell (Aren't his horns small?(his Horns are tilting to the left!) ), Peter Pan (She is a girl), George (See last post) and Sweet Tart (Tiny but Sweet/Tart).

When I was doing the last post, I failed to write anything about Peter Pan and Sweet Tart. They were very sweet little goats but they passed away.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Beginning

This is the beginning.

It all started with three little bucklings, George, Blaze and Tinkerbell. Blaze and Tink were brothers. The night they came they cuddled up without George, and left him sitting by himself calling for his mama. Of course, his mama was nowhere to be found. I picked him up and cuddled and he fell asleep almost right away. We had a bond, I could tell. Blaze died, he didn't like the bottle and wouldn't drink. A month or two later, Tink went into seizures. I held George, not Tink for comfort. Tink lived and to this day the only way you can anything is wrong with him is that his head tilts a bit to the left. George died not long after that, I went out to check on them and he was dieing. I think I drained all the tears out of my body that night, it was very hard for me, but I pulled through. Tink is still alive to this day and going strong.

This has been: The Beginning

R.I.P. Fudge

Two nights ago a tragedy struck, Fudge passed into the otherworld. He was thoroughly loved and will be remembered for a long time. We are not sure why he died but I suspect a birth defect. We have had this happen to one of our other goats, *George. He suddenly died as well.

To the Goat God: Goat God, please send Fudge to a place with lot's of leaves and practically no corn and goat chow, he didn't like it that much.

*See next post.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

These birds are not the chickens I'm used to. They look more like the birds who land in the driveway and yell: "Coooo, Coooo!" When it should really be: "Loooo-Coooo!"
"This sheep's udder is so big it could have fed all the quadruplets my mom had." I thought. The pig next door said to me, "Lily that's not a udder, thats a...boy." I took a closer look. "Oh My Goat," I thought, "it is!"
Cutest calf in the fair. He/She belongs to my neighbor (They also have elk!).
The pig next door.

You Came Back!

Lily looks up, showing off her new scrapie tag.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The fair is *not* fair

I am getting sick of the fair. All I do all day is sit around and eat and sleep, that is not a bad thing but even I have my limits. The fair was very loud tonight. Someone kept yelling what sounded like the same thing over and over and over.

Very loudly.

There were lot's of Humans in the hall while all that yelling was going on. Lot's of stupid, smelly pigs as well. The Humans kept whacking them with colorful sticks. Then it all went back to normal,


Lily via Laptop

So here I am in my stall with nothing to do... but eat... which is not a bad thing. Whatever my mother may think... Here's how I got the laptop:

I was bored, sitting in a stall all by myself. I heard a odd beeping noise that was annoying me. I put my head through the fence to try and see where it was coming from, I still couldn't see anything so I fit my shoulders through and popped out the other side, there were pigs on one side of the hallway and weird looking goats that smelled weird on the other side. I made may way down the hall until I found a stall that was for storage or something. The beeping noise was louder and more insistent there. The gate was cracked so I went through and hopped up on a straw bale. There was a folded in half piece of metal up there. I pawed it open and it said in this really weird voice, that I could understand the tiniest bit, it said, "Recharged" I pawed at the little pad that was on the bottom half. Something flashed across the top half! I started, jumping down from the straw bale I looked around, no one was coming. I jumped back up and pawed at the screen again. Something moved across the screen I realized... It was a computer! I had seen one in the Human's house before when I almost died, I was really weak because my mama would not feed me. So then the Human had to milk Uhey to feed me. And I lived. Anyways, I remembered that the Human had told me that she had a blog and she had told me what it was called, so here I am. If I live here until I die:

Fudge: I give you my leash and all the leaves the Human would have given to me.

Arnie: I will tell stories about you to the weird pigs.

If I come up with anything else I'll tell you.

The Human said that if she can find the camera in the first place... We will have pictures up soon.

Thank you you for reading, Lily

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Fair is Fair

The first day of the fair was today! Lily got a blue ribbon!!! Then again, the judge only gave out blues. But Lily was the best out there!

Pictures soon!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From: Lily To: Tayet/Human

Happy Birthday to you!
Cha Cha Cha!
Happy Birthday to you!
Cha Cha Cha!
You live in a barn!
Cha Cha Cha!
You look like a doeling!
Cha Cha Cha!
And you smell like one too!

Happy Birthday Tayet!!!!!!

P.S. every "Cha Cha Cha!" Tinkerbell headbutted a tree.
P.P.S. I am 12 years old now.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lily on the move

"This is Lily, I've spotted the hay." A voice crackled through the headset she was wearing. "Good luck Agent L, this is all you. Over and out!"
Lily quietly moved along the base of the barn, she could smell the hay, it was a clear, sweet, springlike smell. Her mouth watered, she wanted this hay, for her, and the the rest of the group. Uhura would skin her if she didn't make it this time. Suddenly she heard a noise, she ducked behind a bucket of water just in time. It was one of the humans kin, it started bleating, very, very loudly. It sounded like she had lost a kid. Lily wondered if there was going to be a new kid or two on the farm soon. "It gets boring with just Fudge." She thought. The crying faded away finally. She slid out from behind the bucket, she started toward the hay again. She was there! The bales were a bit bigger then her, she slowly started to push the bale of hay with her head toward the sliding door, the human had left it cracked open. Arnie came into the barn, "What are you doing Lily?" He asked. "I'm... Uhhh, I'm getting hay?" "Are you telling me or asking me?" He snuffled. "I'm telling you..." "Oh, OK then, see you Lily." He walked away. "That was... Weird." She thought. She got the hay through the doorway. "Almost there..." She grunted. There! She had it! It was in the little nook she and Fudge had found a couple of weeks ago, it was just big enough to fit the hay in. She slid a bin of junk in front of it. " A perfect fit." She thought.

This was Agent L, See you next time on: As The Goat Turns