Monday, August 23, 2010

Animal Update

Lily is at the top of the world. Literally. I am trying to get the 6 big girls to accept her, so far only Zoey has kinda been nice. Except for the occasional T-Boning they get along pretty well. Lily has also tried to start a fight with Gold, Gold did not accept the challenge. Thankfully, she just stood there and let Lily head-butt her knees.
Zoey is probably pregnant and is due for January 8th. I know winter births are not exactly the greatest thing ever, but once Cupid hits...
Zelda is already being trained for the fair next year, she is a very nice walker and squares up very nicely but she is very afraid of loud noises and sudden movements, all in all, she is skittish. But I hope to enter her in the fair in the pet class.
Wendy is still "Wendiferous", sweet but dumb.
Uhura is a very sweet girl, she has a weird thing going on, she will suddenly freeze up, then snort, then twitch her leg up and down.... very weird.
Silver seems to have a very serious case of chewing with her mouth open.
Gold seems to be getting a case of the "Wendy Bug". Symptoms are: staring off into the distance, eyes glazing over and trying to eat leaves and grass without opening mouth.

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Millie said...

Uhura sounds a lot like Meg when she is bothered by bugs. That is a lovely bunch of goats you have.