Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Beginning

This is the beginning.

It all started with three little bucklings, George, Blaze and Tinkerbell. Blaze and Tink were brothers. The night they came they cuddled up without George, and left him sitting by himself calling for his mama. Of course, his mama was nowhere to be found. I picked him up and cuddled and he fell asleep almost right away. We had a bond, I could tell. Blaze died, he didn't like the bottle and wouldn't drink. A month or two later, Tink went into seizures. I held George, not Tink for comfort. Tink lived and to this day the only way you can anything is wrong with him is that his head tilts a bit to the left. George died not long after that, I went out to check on them and he was dieing. I think I drained all the tears out of my body that night, it was very hard for me, but I pulled through. Tink is still alive to this day and going strong.

This has been: The Beginning

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Millie said...

Oh my dear, what a very difficult beginning. You are very brave to continue loving goats. We are worth it, even if we break your heart. Blessings.