Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lily on the move

"This is Lily, I've spotted the hay." A voice crackled through the headset she was wearing. "Good luck Agent L, this is all you. Over and out!"
Lily quietly moved along the base of the barn, she could smell the hay, it was a clear, sweet, springlike smell. Her mouth watered, she wanted this hay, for her, and the the rest of the group. Uhura would skin her if she didn't make it this time. Suddenly she heard a noise, she ducked behind a bucket of water just in time. It was one of the humans kin, it started bleating, very, very loudly. It sounded like she had lost a kid. Lily wondered if there was going to be a new kid or two on the farm soon. "It gets boring with just Fudge." She thought. The crying faded away finally. She slid out from behind the bucket, she started toward the hay again. She was there! The bales were a bit bigger then her, she slowly started to push the bale of hay with her head toward the sliding door, the human had left it cracked open. Arnie came into the barn, "What are you doing Lily?" He asked. "I'm... Uhhh, I'm getting hay?" "Are you telling me or asking me?" He snuffled. "I'm telling you..." "Oh, OK then, see you Lily." He walked away. "That was... Weird." She thought. She got the hay through the doorway. "Almost there..." She grunted. There! She had it! It was in the little nook she and Fudge had found a couple of weeks ago, it was just big enough to fit the hay in. She slid a bin of junk in front of it. " A perfect fit." She thought.

This was Agent L, See you next time on: As The Goat Turns

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Millie said...

Oh, there's nothing as yummy as fresh hay! You go, Lily.