Friday, August 6, 2010

Lily via Laptop

So here I am in my stall with nothing to do... but eat... which is not a bad thing. Whatever my mother may think... Here's how I got the laptop:

I was bored, sitting in a stall all by myself. I heard a odd beeping noise that was annoying me. I put my head through the fence to try and see where it was coming from, I still couldn't see anything so I fit my shoulders through and popped out the other side, there were pigs on one side of the hallway and weird looking goats that smelled weird on the other side. I made may way down the hall until I found a stall that was for storage or something. The beeping noise was louder and more insistent there. The gate was cracked so I went through and hopped up on a straw bale. There was a folded in half piece of metal up there. I pawed it open and it said in this really weird voice, that I could understand the tiniest bit, it said, "Recharged" I pawed at the little pad that was on the bottom half. Something flashed across the top half! I started, jumping down from the straw bale I looked around, no one was coming. I jumped back up and pawed at the screen again. Something moved across the screen I realized... It was a computer! I had seen one in the Human's house before when I almost died, I was really weak because my mama would not feed me. So then the Human had to milk Uhey to feed me. And I lived. Anyways, I remembered that the Human had told me that she had a blog and she had told me what it was called, so here I am. If I live here until I die:

Fudge: I give you my leash and all the leaves the Human would have given to me.

Arnie: I will tell stories about you to the weird pigs.

If I come up with anything else I'll tell you.

The Human said that if she can find the camera in the first place... We will have pictures up soon.

Thank you you for reading, Lily

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Millie said...

Oh how lucky. I hope you get to keep it because I have to share with the human. She doesn't let me use it as often as I would like.