Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Chickens Are So Very Helpful

Look what the chickens did for me! You know when you're shaking the bits of straw apart? I hate doing that so I got some corn and sprinkled it on the bits of straw and called the chickens so they all came running and then they tore up the straw for me! How nice.

My human is trying to adjust me to living in this house with the big girls. I don't like it in here, they head-butt me a lot. I had had to sleep in there the whole night last night! I like to sleep in the nursery where I was born. It's nice and quiet in there and no one tries to kill you.


Millie said...

I would help tear the straw apart if I could find corn. Very creative.

Melodie said...

I just found you from Millie's blog.I just love a good goatie blog!