Sunday, September 26, 2010

Marnax Says.

Today on our (almost) weekly show, we are interviewing Marnax Gatnom, my brother.

So, Marnax, What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite drink?
Mountain Dew Throwback. Yummy.
(Hmmm, I think that it looks like pee. -Lily)

What is your view on todays world, as opposed to tomorrows?
Well, I can't really tell about tomorrows world, mainly as, I haven't seen it yet. Otherwise, goat farms should be more common.

So, you like goats?
Yeah, I do, they are awesome.

Are they your favorite animal?
Yeah, but cats are a close second.

Do you like dogs?
Kind of, I don't want one as a pet though.

Have you ever owned a dog?
No. You should know that.

Because you are my sister! We live in the same house!

So, I'm related to you?
*Bashes head on table*

See you next time on, As the Goat Turns.

Purple... *Passes out*

Next time on, As the Goat Turns, we will be interviewing a croc from the popular comic strip, Pearls before Swine.


Millie said...

Oh my. It's a good thing goats aren't as silly as human kids.

Marnax said...

The reason for my beating my head against the table is that I was doing it out of annoyance at Tayet's silliness. The passing out was a accident.
Also, My blog has recently returned from the ashes of ignorance.

Pricilla said...

I hope the croc doesn't eat any of the goats. He seems to always be hungry.

Very nice interview.