Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Crime Scene

This is Lily reporting live from Wisconsin. This morning my Human awoke and went outside, her mother proceeded to tell her this story, I being there, had already known.

I was undercover pretending to be in cahoots with the known and proven criminal, Uhura. We had gotten out of our pen and were in the woods, Uhura got burrs on her face. We heard the Human Herd Queen outside and went to investigate. We peeked around the corner... nothing interesting so we went in the garden, she got up and got us out. I went and got a drink and when I came back Uhura was eating the raspberry bushes from the back, it looked like she was stuck, she worked herself out, making a lot of noise doing so. We went and walked up to the Human and she tried to take some burrs off Uhura's face. Uhura got annoyed and walked a bit away, the Human put down her paper and tried to take more burrs off. Uhura grabbed the paper and ran to the back yard. She apparently had to put the paper down to go pee, like goats usually do... The Human took that opportunity to grab the paper and went back and sat down. Uhura was taken in to custody at around 9:05 A.M. the court date is yet to be determined. Evidence was found and is being taken to a lab for testing.
She seems to like the sports section best...


Millie said...

Oh my. Minnie likes to steal papers to eat too. Does Uhura have a good attorney?

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Tee hee! I make sure that when I make a grab for something that I RUN really fast. I'm very good at taking off my lady's straw hat and running with it! Weeeeee!