Sunday, October 3, 2010


This is Lily reporting live from Wisconsin. Today I was awakened to see that my new roommate, Uhura (my grandma), was gone, I went out to see that the other girls had gotten out as well, I went to the humans front door and proceeded to scream my head off. That followed in a human (not mine), coming out and seeing all the other girls crossing the road. Thats right, as in going to the other side, which is completely forbidden. My human has told me many times that if we are not going on a walk, to never cross the road or go within a 20 foot radius of it. My human came outside then and was saying something about a hurt ankle. It turns out she hurt herself playing in a soccer game. Silly Human. She put us away and went back inside. Then, a little while later, the male human came out and was cooing over all of us like he does, then he saw my dad, Tinkerbell, he was splayed out and looked dead, he wasn't, don't worry. Posting pics soon, I have to get the human to download them.

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Millie said...

Roads are bad. Even when we get out, we never go on the road. I'm so glad everyone was okay, and I hope you human's ankle gets better so she can love and spoil you.