Monday, November 15, 2010

8 Things

I saw this on Whispering Acres when I was going through their archives.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

Uhura having babies.
My goats having babies in general.
Being present for a goat baby birth.
My soccer game against my sisters team tomorrow. Most of the people from my main soccer team is coming!*
Thanksgiving. I *LOVE* pie.
Seeing my best friend, Makayla, I haven't seen her in like, 3 days!
Goat babies!
The first snow. Don't tell my dad. He will probably kill me for writing that. He will read this post anyway and find out but oh well... It's just so pretty!

8 Things I Did Yesterday: (what day was yesterday? Sunday?)

Played a soccer game. (And won!)
Went to Burger King.
Got hurt playing my soccer game. I was sprinting down the field cause this girl was gonna get a goal and I kicked the ball away from her feet really awkwardly and lost my balance and slid in a kneeling position. I got a really big bruise that you can't even see and a scrape over it.
Chased my sister because she was teasing my about something. I can't remember what.
Got new phones from my grandparents and set them up.
Ate peaches. I LOVE peaches!
Didn't eat breakfast.
Ate my last piece of Halloween candy, a Tootsie Roll. I didn't even know I had it.

8 Things I Want To Do:

Deliver a baby goat. (Or at least help.)
Get a super high tech camera and take super good photos of the goats.
Get my own room instead of sharing it with my littlest sister.
Get really long hair again and cut it off and give it to Locks of Love again. I have already done it 4 or 5 times.
Win my soccer game tomorrow. GO BLUE ANGELS!!!
Make my rock collection bigger, I love amethyst best.
Go to a school dance.

8 Shows I Watch:
(8, Really? I barely watch TV.)

Dirty Jobs.
Vampire Diaries. ( I am not one of those groupie girls who love anything vampire. Or Taylor Lautner.)
Parks and Recreation.
30 Rock.
The World Cup. (Yes I know that is not a TV show. It is soccer. But they showed it on TV so it counts!)


Melodie said...

This is a great get to know you post!

Pricilla said...

Goat births are messy. But amazing

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful sharing post. You will so love the goat birth. You can see one step by step here.


Millie said...

Yesterday I ate. Tomorrow, I want to eat some more. Hope your knee feels better. :-)

Tayet Silverspoon (Oasis coming soon) said...


Your post was great. I'm sure it will be even more fun in person!