Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 10 of the Kidding Countdown

Ah yes, in 10 days Uhura is due to have her babies! I hope there is a girl in this bunch! I'm typing one handed because last night my littlest sister slept over at one of her BFF's house. When we got her today they sent home some yummy squash bars! They have homemade cream-cheese topping on them, I'll have to get the recipe. Then I'll post it on here so you guys can enjoy some! Mmm, gotta go get another bar!

Make sure you suggest lots of cute "O" names in comments. I decided to have it be a O year.


The Van Goat Ranch said...

Can you get that recipe for the squash bars? Sounds tasty! Thank you for the award very much. Do you think you could tell me how to put it on my blog please? Do you have the code? As for "O" names - how about Oleander? Just a thought. Take care!

Tayet Silverspoon (Oasis coming soon) said...

I will email the family we got the squash bars from tomorrow. Yummy! As to putting the award on my blog I just hold down the enter button and then push print screen. Then, I go to Paint on my computer and paste it there. Click the select button (a box that has dashed lines) select the picture of the award and right click it. Select copy and open a new paint. Click the select button again and make a box of any size, right click inside that box and select Paste. Save it to a file on your computer and put it on your blog!

Millie said...

Those bars do sound yummy. I hope the human would make them for us. How about Ophelia for an O name?

Lisa said...

Oksana is nice too.