Sunday, December 12, 2010

100 posts

I need a special post for the 100th post. Which means I need ideas, which means you people need to suggest things to blog about. Suggest something in comments. Then we will have an 100th post! Oh yeah, the blizzard hit. I heard about that big dome thing's roof falling in. That would be cool to see, maybe I'll have to visit, in my mind apparently.


Millie said...

I think one of your goats should have their baby for your 100th post! Or maybe you could give all the goats a treat of apples! Yep, definitely a treat for the goats.

Joan said...

I saw the "big dome thing's" roof falling in on TV. Maybe you can search on line to see it. How does Millie like the snow? She usually avoids it when she is with me until she gets out into it. Can't wait to see all my favorite animals, two and four legged!