Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow and Snow Goats

Zelda and Zoe say "Hi".
Gold and Silver say "Hi".
Uhura says: Why are you taking a picture of me? I haven't done my beard yet.
Wendy says "Hi".
And Tinky Says "Aloha!!"
Uhura says: Guess what? You'll never believe it, OK, maybe you will, I don't know. But, we got snow. It's horrible.
We have to go talk to our lawyer about this. We are trying to get the humans to move somewhere that's warm year round. Now let's go. We're going to be late.


Millie said...

We had our very first dusting of snow today. Luckily it hasn't done very much. I hope you girls (and Tink) are keeping your hooves warm.

Pricilla said...

We have had snow for several weeks. I am about to put my hooves down and demand it go away.