Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pics From Today and a Birthday!

Zoe got snow all over her chin, I trimmed all the goats beards this fall right before winter so that when they drank water it wouldn't freeze. I think maybe she is trying to replace it!
My sister put a chicken in her coat, she had her head sticking out, silly!
Uhura was stretching to see if I had some treats in my hand, I didn't, maybe tomorrow I will!
When we have a food scrape, we don't throw it away, we put it in a bag by the sink and every morning we take it out and give them to the chickens, that way they get nutrients in the winter.
The goats like the banana peels best!

Happy Birthday to my littlest sister, she turned 8 today!


Millie said...

It looks like those are yummy goat snacks too! Maybe I can get some banana peels. I hope your littlest sister had a very happy birthday.

uglydog75 said...

I like the pictures of the food mob. Very neat!

Pricilla said...

Happy Birthday to your sister.

Mmmm, snacks!