Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Here she is!
Meet Pixie. Gold's baby.
Here she is nursing.

Pixie and her mommy. Gold doesn't exactly like Pixie. We have to hold her still so she doesn't kick her when she nurses.
Here she is trying to stand up on her own, I had just brought her in from the goat pen.
She looks like a little cow kind of!
Me holding Pixie. I put an apron on so I wouldn't get my new shirt all goopy.


uglydog75 said...

VERY cute! Congrats!

Pricilla said...

Well congratulations. It's a perfect name for an adorable little sprite.

Millie said...

Pixie is adorable. I'm sure Gold will settle down and stand for Pixie once she gets used to the basement. Sometimes new moms are so busy licking and loving their babies they forget they have to let them nurse.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Welcome Pixie! So cute!