Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Post From Pixie

Hiya! I'm Pixie, you may have heard of me, my Girl says that we got 17 comments on the last post about me! As you can see, I'm very popular. I've only been outside twice in my life, once when I was born and another time when I met my Dad, Tinkerbell, Aunt Silver, Grand Maaa Wendy, and Great Grand Maaa Huey. I also met a F.O.T.F. Friend Of The Family, Zoe, she's the only black goat besides my dad and me. My dad is not very nice, he followed my Maaa around and sniffed her a lot. Not very nice manners, I mean, she just had a baby for crying out loud!

Here's what I like, sleeping in my Girl's arms on the couch (she falls asleep too!), Music, one of my favorites is Wild Fire by Micheal Murphy, I also like Peaches by the Presidents of the United States of America. My Maaa's milk, who wouldn't! The Girl says that she is going to start milking her soon. Jumping on the couch, the Girl's mom says that I'm aloud to because I'm so light I won't ruin it! Sitting in the Girl's lap when she's on the computer.

Here's what I don't like: Orange peels, they are way to sour! I'll stick with milk, thanks. Being picked up when I'm playing and running around the house. Yes, I'm aloud to do that! My Maaa licking my rear when I'm trying to eat. Really, you can lick me after!

My Girl says I have to go, she is very tired, she played in the Badger State Soccer Tournament today. She was a guest player on her little sister's team.

Leave me lot's of comments if you think I'm cute, I want to stay popular!


Mimi Foxmorton said...

You are MOST popular!
A very fine and lucky goat!

Pricilla said...

You are very cute indeed. I think your pink coat looks lovely against your fur

Millie said...

So very nice to meet you Miss Pixie! It's never too early to start your career being a popular spokesgoat.

Anonymous said...

i loved that fur ball of cuteness very much it was sad to say goodbye!