Friday, February 25, 2011

Farm Friend Friday - The Goats Have Spring Fever...

When I got outside and let Uhura, Gold, Pixie and Harley out to go eat in the big pen, when Uhura and Silver saw each other, something just clicked and they started fighting. And I mean, head smashing, pick-up-the-babies-so-they-don't-get-squished, fighting.
I told them to take it outside so they wouldn't smash into something.
So they did. Silver started rearing and stomping.
Then they spun around so Huey was where Silver had been and Silver was where Huey had been.
Then Harley decided he would try to nurse from the back while his mom was fighting.
Then they stopped fighting so they could eat the scraps.
Pixie was trying to eat a grape vine, I don't think that they would be to tasty...

Linking to Verde Farm for Farm Friend Friday


Millie said...

That type of fighting is best done outside and away from kids. I must say, our human tries to distract us from fighting with food too.

Verde Farm said...

Can I please take Harley home? That is the cutest little dot of goat cutiness I’ve ever seen. I’m feeling my maternal clock ticking on this! ;)
Thanks for linking up to FFF-great post :)

Buttons said...

They are so darn cute. I love this. Spring fever is in the air. My calves are going crazy. B