Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goat Q&A

In a comment I received on my Q is for Quinn post, I was asked a few questions. Well Judie, here are your answers.

The gestation period of a goat is 5 months. 150 days to 155 days.
The red line best indicates the ligaments you check to tell if a doe is going to deliver soon. They usually feel like pencils that are diagonal to the spine. They will generally loosen up and "disappear" 12 hours before birth. Some of the ribs that are closer to the abdomen will also soften to allow the kid a easier passage out. Other signs of labor are: far away look in the eyes, standing hunched up by themselves if they are a social goat. One of my does likes to be by herself sometimes. Drifting away from the other goats, pawing at the ground, they can also do this when making a bed to sleep in at night.

So, Judie, does this answer your question? I hope it was helpful. I tried my hardest. If anyone else who has little experience with goats has a question, feel free to ask in comments!


Pricilla said...

You are a good goatucator

Millie said...

Very well presented.