Sunday, February 20, 2011

Poor Wendy

When I went out to take care of the goats this morning, my younger sister came out with me and went into the goat pen before me, I was a little behind her because I was taking pictures of the winter wonderland the woods had turned into (pictures tomorrow). She opened the door up and said, "Wendy's laying down." To which I responded with, "What kind of laying down?" "Uh, the one where you aren't standing on your legs?" Okay, then... I got in there and she was laying down. Wait, I already said that, didn't I? She had a head and two feet sticking out of her girly parts. The kid was obviously dead, but I don't think it was still born. I pulled on the kids legs one at a time with her contractions and got the kid out. It was huge, like, really, huge. It was a boy, that had Wendy's coloring and pygmy ears, we have never had a boy with pygmy ears before. I think that the kid was to big for Wendy to pop out by herself. As soon as I got the kid out, the placenta fell out after him, like it was waiting for it's turn and it had been waiting for a while. Wendy is doing fine and she isn't to sad. I don't think that she isn't at all, but she doesn't seem to be depressed. She had some orange peels and water and the last time I checked on her, she was cuddled up with Silver.


Millie said...

Sometimes we just have to have help. So sorry Wendy lost her baby.

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

oh that is just awful! that poor little wendy just stuck there all that time. i cannot imagine the pain. and the poor little boy, so sad.