Thursday, February 3, 2011

Q is for Quinn

It seems to be baby season on the farm.
We have another little face to brighten our day. Meet Quinn! She is Silver's baby. She was born yesterday at around 9:00 p.m.

I, once again, was not present for the birth. Dang it. All I want is to see a baby get born. Is that too much to ask for? I don't think so. I mean, if you work and live with goats, and have had 6 baby goats born on the farm, don't you think I should have been present for at least one? I think so. I also think I might be acting a little immature. I should be allowed to though, I'm only 12. Okay, enough about me. Let's move on to Quinn!

At about 10:30 yesterday morning, I checked all the girls ligaments. I do this every time I go out gotta make sure no babies are on their merry, little way. Well, Silver didn't have any ligaments. I even taught my little sister how to check and make sure that they do or don't have ligaments. She thought that the goat would bite her or stomp on her foot or something, she's not even a year younger then me. 363 days to be exact. So I finally got her to do it and she was like, "Wow, that is squishy!" Heehee. So I didn't move her into the basement. I don't think my dad would have let me without the actual baby goat. We got one. I finished taking care of the does and then proceeded to go to my friend's house. We went sledding and watched a movie. I got home at around 6:3o I think. I ate dinner even though I had already had spaghetti at my friends house. I read part of my book and and watched Nova. I checked on Pixie and was about to go read in my room. Then I remembered that I still needed to get more grain for Gold. I figured I would just check on Silver while I was out there. I checked on her first. I was just opening the door when I heard Silver yelling like a maniac and then, a high pitched, yelling, baby goat. I got the door open and shone the flashlight around, I saw, her picked her up and ran to the house. If you read the last Alphabe-Thursday post about Pixie being born, you'll remember the standard protocol for finding a baby goat. I, again, did neither. Quinn did it for me. She screamed bloody murder the whole way to the house. I'd say she was about 5 minutes old. It was really cold out and goop was starting to freeze on her ears. I got her in the house and started to dry her off with my dad helping me. He's the one holding her for the first picture. Thanks dad! Her right ear was a little bit frozen and one of them is floppy at the tip because of that. Here's me holding Pixie and Quinn.
Quinn is a Ground Hog Day goat!!

Silver is a worse mother then Gold was! She headbutts Quinn and Pixie! Not really bad, but still. She is a naughty goat. I have decided to milk Silver and give it to Quinn in a bottle. She sucks anything she can get in her mouth.
Including, my: chin, ear, jaw, fingers, knees, shirt, jacket...ect. You get what I'm saying? She has so much slobber, it's amazing. How can such a tiny goat have so much spit? It's very sticky too. I have to go give her a bottle.

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One Mama said...

Awww... What a cutie!

Pricilla said...

Kids are just the best.

Judie said...

What is the gestation period for goats? What ligaments do you check, and why? I am really interested in this post! Thanks!!

Millie said...

It's very hard not to get frost bitten ears in February. It just gives us more character! :-)

Teresa said...

She's a very beautiful baby! I bet your house is quite noisy with four goats in the basement.

Jingle said...


Life in Rehab said...

You have the cutest blog for a 12 year old, and you write very well!

Pondside said...

Gorgeous! I'd just love to hold that little one.

Maggie said...

Gorgeous goats, ok you've got Pixie & Quinn will there be another new baby goat ready for next week's Alphabe-Thursday?

House Of Night Nutz said...

Jeez girly do u seriously need more goats i am sitting here in school and everyone is like awwwwwwwwwing and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhing and stuff like that and well that is just my friends.

Jenny said...

Quinn is absolutely adorable!

This is quite a wonderful stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "Q".

I am going to have to rethink my whole philosophy on owning goats someday when I have my little urban farm!

Pictures like these make me realize I might really need some!

Thanks for the smile!