Monday, March 28, 2011

Ahhh, Spring is Near!

All the girls enjoying the weather. It wasn't super warm today, but the sun made it nice.
The breeze was pretty strong, look! It made Uhura's ears blow!
I like This picture. I don't know why. It just strikes my fancy.
My Grandma's dog, has been here for the last two months. She loves it here! She's probably going home tonight though. My Grandma was in Colorado and Arizona. I hear the weather is wonderful there!
Millie was jumping with joy! It looks like she's announcing a field goal.


Pricilla said...

We had a bit of sun today too...

Millie said...

We've been cold again, but this week is supposed to warm back up. For a dog, I guess I'll have to like that one since she has such a wonderful name! I bet she'll miss having you kids to play with.