Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Lied

Well, I didn't lie exactly, I took pictures earlier and it turned out that I didn't have my memory card in, that's what you get for not taking pictures, I have to find the silly memory card now. I swear I'll take real, honest to goodness pictures that I can put on my blog tomorrow. We've been having such good weather. I think I may cry, not really, I don't need a tissue, thank you. Oh, the wonderful, warm...... muddy...... weather. The goats like to run around and eat pine needles and chew on each others ears, enjoying the weather is in a Goats Life. Does anyone else out there in Blogland watch Doctor Who? I love it! I watched a whole season with my whole family this week!!! Except Sal, she didn't watch the whole season, just the last couple episodes. I rode my bike to the library today with my brother, it was the first time this year. I wish I had worn my sweater, it got kinda chilly when we we're going home. The goats are sooo good! They love the weather and their roof is leaking, they don't love that. I sold Pixie and Harley, I know, they were young and cute, but the people loved them and they'll do good at their new home, we will miss them. THEY WERE SO CUTE. I'm sorry Amy from Verde Farm, I know you thought Harley was sooo cute!

Silly chicken on the garage!

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Millie said...

I am so happy Pixie and Harley found a good forever farm. What more could anyone ask for? That certainly is a silly chicken. I wouldn't want to be up there.