Thursday, March 17, 2011

W is for Wonderful Weather and Goaty Eyes

Cutey Silver loving the weather.
Silver eating yummy grass.
Gold giving me the Goat Stare of Love.
Zoe doing her goaty stretches and eating pine needles.
Me giving Uhura goat scritches.
Tinky goat eye!
Zoe goat eye!
Goldy goat eye!
Huey goat eye!
Silvie goat eye!

Love life. Love Goats. Be happy. Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

For more wonderful, hopefully warm, W posts, visit Jenny Matlocks blog.


Millie said...

I bet Huey was really enjoying that scritchin'. It feels so good when the winter coat is loosening up.

Teresa said...

I have tons of those goat eye pictures! So hard to keep them far enough away to get much more than that sometimes. Sonderful post for the letter W!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Their eyes are so pretty.

Jackie said...

They're sorta like frogs or sea creature looking . They scare me but the goats are beautiful .

Pricilla said...

We woke up to new snow on the ground!

Sue said...

What a fun post. Goats are pretty neat.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the fun goat pictures - a wonderful 'w' post! Makes me want to breath in some warm spring farm air.

Splendid Little Stars said...

Zoe's stretch cracks me up! What wonderful goaty eyes! Your goats are very pretty/handsome!

Judie said...

I love goaty eyes! They are sooo interesting to see!!

Jingle said...

lovely weather and goaty eyes
are awesome...

wonder w take.

Lisa H. said...

I guess I never realized that goat eyes have slits like cat eyes.

Jenny said...

I'm with Lisa. I didn't realize that either. It was fascinating to see these cute goat eyes right up close and personal.

I'm always excited to see your links. I feel like I'm visiting one of my favorite farms.

And it just makes me smile!

Thanks for linking.