Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Cats Have Lost Their Minds

Billie was trying to get into the bathroom while my sister was taking a shower. She couldn't reach, so she tried a different approach.
She was actually able to reach the doorknob this time!
Then she actually got the idea of a doorknob and tried to open it.
Then she gave up.
I got out a string for her to chase and got her to climb a ladder.
Then she sat there and rested for a bit.
Then she started having a yoga class. She calls this Arching Seal.
This is the Bear Hug.
Sully decided to join in.
She just careened in there and got the spotlight on her.
I think Billie was tired, so she didn't care to much. See how Sully is biting that naughty string?
So then she decided to go and smell my brothers shoes. Mmm, stinky, boy, shoe smell.
She loves them.
Aw, they look so sweet together!


Millie said...

Looks like you have some smart, silly, stinky-loving cats!

Melodie said...

Cats! Almost as entertaining as goats!

Pricilla said...

Do cats have minds?

Anonymous said...

that is very funny with the shoe's & sully & billie i love funny thing's & i love this blog !!!

Anonymous said...

adorable cat's & billie is so so cute!!!