Thursday, April 7, 2011

Farm Friend Friday - The Weather is Wonderful!

Oh, the weather has been sooo good these last few days. The goats have been tethered and spend all day on the stakes. They have been trying to eat the Tiger Lilies that have been starting to come up.
A picture of pancakes just because.
A picture of Zoe because she's so dang cute.
And Uhura because she's my favorite goat!

Linking to Farm Friend Friday at Verde Farm.


Teresa said...

So glad spring has found you at last! The pancakes look yummy.

Millie said...

Yes, I would eat those lilies too! They are green, and green is yummy.

Leontien said...

Very happy for you that spring has found you! I hope it finds us soon too!!!

Hopping over from Verde Farm!