Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Tinky!

It's Tinkerbell's second birthday today! Two years ago today, I received him from some of my friends grandparents. I am so lucky I got him!
To celebrate, everyone got peanut butter sandwiches!
Tinky ate half of his, dropped the other half, which a chicken then stole. I sprinted after the chicken, got it to drop the sandwich and brought it back to Tink. He really liked it!
I only got a picture of Zoe eating hers before the silly camera batteries died.

Happy Birthday, Tinky!


Leontien said...

Happy Birthday, Tinky!!!


Millie said...

Happy Birthday, Tinky! Maybe he could get some ears for his birthday.

Pricilla said...

Happy Birthday! You have handsome horns!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! tinky sweetheart u handsome man!!!

Anonymous said...

that Anonymous is so right about that cutie!!!

Buttons said...

Happy Birthday a peanut butter sandwich cool. B