Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Ducklings and Names

Here are the new ducklings!
This was last night.
Right here you can see a little black one trying to get out.
Here she popped her head out.
Then she rested for a bit.
Then she gave a great big heave and got almost all the way out.
Then Tommi started eating the shell.
And here she is with her fluffy butt this morning.
I lifted Tommi up so I could see what had happened over night and..... 4 ducklings!

The darkest one is Martha if she's a girl, and Mickey if a boy. The duckling with his head over the gray one is The Ducktor. Like Doctor Who? And Martha is his companion? Ha! I'm brilliant (so is my dad, he came up with Martha)! The gray one is Sally Sparrow and the top yellow one is Rose.


Claire the Shepherdess said...

Oooooo, they are so cute! I love those little fluffy butts! I hope you get some more. They are so cute to watch running around after their mom!

Millie said...

They really are very cute little fluff balls! The human is jealous of your great hatching pictures!

Pricilla said...

Awww, how cute. We don't have ducklings here but the new chicks have arrived!