Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Puffy Duck and Silver's Tongue

I had a dream last night that Tommi had ducklings. Maybe it'll come true!
You should have heard Silver yelling yesterday! She was being so loud!
I got some nice shots of her wide open mouth.

Right now, it's 7:40 AM and my mom has me listening to The Manhattans, Shining Star. Before this, I was listening to Robert Johns, Sad Eyes. I would much rather listen to Journey or Styx or Prince. But really, it could be a lot worse. Oh now and it's Sailing By Christopher Cross. Good luck with your music choices today!


Pricilla said...

So why was Silver yelling? Inquiring goats want to know

Tayet Silverspoon said...

Silver was yelling because she was in the backyard alone and Gold was in the front yard with Zoe. Silver hates being without Gold. Now Gold and Zoe are tethered in the woods. They are yelling back and forth now.

Millie said...

When are the eggs due to hatch? It should be before long I would think. I agree with Silver. It's no fun to be left alone.

Tayet Silverspoon said...

I don't know exactly. We thought that Tommi had been swept down the stream with it being so high. Then I was looking for eggs and I found her in the chicken coop on her nest. Is it the same time period as chickens? Like, 21 days or something?