Friday, June 10, 2011

Silly Cats and a Beautiful Sunset

Mumu in a tree again. See how scared he looks?
Billie doing her kitty yoga. Check out how she's stretching her ear!
We had a severe thunder storm warning the other day and the sunset was gorgeous.
Oranges and reds with a little purple at the top.


Millie said...

Those cats are very silly. I hope you stayed safe with the thunderstorm. We were all huddled in the barn all day yesterday with LOTS of rain.

Jim Fisher said...

Kitty yoga that's too funny. We don't have sunsets that beautiful here.

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

That sunset is gorgeous! I wish we could get some rain, even if we didn't get that sunset.

Anonymous said...

i think that that billie is one of the best cats at yoga!

i like to do yoga you know and i'm great at it!