Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Nights at my House #2

OK, I'm under the table (again) trying to think of something funny to post. Today, I went to the zoo in our capital! It was so cool! We saw lots of awesome animals and there was even lots of goats there that you could feed and pet. Typically, I forgot my camera, I only remember stuff that I deem important and you would think that my camera would be important. I remember the license plate of a car we passed, but not the camera? Kinda weird. OK and to the main event....

Tonight, just a regular night, me and my family watched Big Brother, then my sisters and I watched our favorite parts of Easy A. Then my little sisters started to dance around the living room holding hands, an odd occurrence, they usually really don't like each other. Then my older little sister announced that she was going to clear the dish drain... while being sexy (???). She tends to say a lot of things like this, but never acts on it. Now I can hear her in the kitchen singing a song from the movie and dropping silverware all over the floor. Hmm, that seems like she is clearing the dish drain. Not doing anything special, like being sexy for instance. It really makes no sense. I don't even get it and I live with her! That sure is something.

Well, it just so happens that tomorrow night is the night I put up my next Theme of the Week. If you feel like doing so, enter! I'll make sure it's something everyone is interested in and can post about. May be a bit odd though. I'm letting my youngest sister pick this week. 

P.S. I wasn't actually sitting under the table.

Gold in Black and White, Plus, my Feet.

I realize I post about Gold a lot. It comes with her being one of my more photogenic goats. Uhura looks kinda weird if you don't get her at the right angle, Zoe moves so much it's hard to get a good shot and Silver is very pretty too, but she is almost as spazzy as Zoe.

Now, I'm off to the zoo! I'm going to see lots of cool animals! But, hopefully not the.....CHUPACABRA!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Versatile Blogger

Laughing Duck Farm has a Versatile Blogger Award up for grabs! If you want it, you can take it for your blog.

The award rules state that I must tell everyone 7 things about myself that you may or may not know. Here we go...

1) I hate milk. I can't stand the taste, but I love cereal. Cereal doesn't go with anything but milk. I read a book once where a girl tried it with orange juice, but somehow, I don't think that would be to good.

2) I do not like my hair. It's to long, it's annoying, I hate brushing it. Terrible. In this picture, it's pretty long, it's even longer now. I have one more inch to go before I cut it all off for Locks of Love. I have done Locks of Love 4 times, this will be my 5th. 
3) I have a sprained wrist, I kept falling over in soccer and falling on my wrist. I fall over a lot in soccer... so much, the ref never calls any fouls when I get shoved over because he thinks I'm just randomly falling over again. Maybe I should stop falling over so much...

4) My favorite fruit is watermelon. I can never get enough of it. "More watermelon, Tay?" *Insert muffled grunt of agreement here* "Sorry, I couldn't hear you with the three pieces of watermelon stuck in your mouth"

5) I don't have a good camera, it's just 5.0 Megapixels, but I manage pretty well. I mean, look at the awesome pictures I take with it! It's like magic! Heehee.

6) My brother was very funny when he was little. One day, he came up with a "funny" joke.
Knock knock.
Who's there?
Mad mashed potato.
Mad mashed potato, who?
Mad mashed potato don't wanna swim!

Um, what?

 "Marn, why didn't the potato want to swim?" "Well, duh, because he would fall apart!"

 OK, I guess that makes a little sense, how did he come up with it though? Why was the mashed potato mad?

That doesn't really tell you anything about me, but it does tell you a bit about my life.

7) When I was little, I loved getting my picture taken at Wal-Mart. I just loved it. But it had to be the same photographer or I wouldn't smile. Then one year, my mom had a coupon for a different place and she didn't tell me. When we got there, my photographer wasn't there! They tried all the tricks, shaking a rattle (come on, I was like, six, why would a rattle make me smile?), waving the stuffed animal around, everything. Nuh-uh, I was not going to budge. Finally, my mom got sick of me and told the photographer to just take the picture. Now, my dad has that picture in his wallet, people used to ask, "Why isn't she smiling?" He would reply, "What are you talking about? She is smiling!" Heeheehee. That would always make me laugh. Just imagine what they would think I would look like when I wasn't smiling!

And that people, is my 7 things. Feel free to take the award for yourself!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Special Post

I have been nominated for the 7 Links blog game by Pricilla over at The Maaaaa of Pricilla. Here are the rules:

I have to post the links to:

~My most beautiful post.
~My most popular post.
~My most controversial post.
~My most helpful post.
~A post whose success surprised you.
~A post you feel didn't get the attention it deserved.
~The post you are most proud of.

My Most Beautiful Post

I love this post as it shows the true joy of being a goat kid. It's not long at all, but it really speaks to goat happiness.

My Most Popular Post

My New Forum is my most popular post by number of page views, with a total of 245. I think people must have thought I was going to change where my blog was on the internet, it's not even a very big post. It just got a lot of views.

My Most Controversial Post

My family arguing about the quality of  Aerosmith and hiding under the dining room table. 

 My Most Helpful Post

My most helpful post is the time I answered Judy's questions about ligaments and the gestation period of goats. Goat Q&A.

My Post Whose Success Surprised Me

What exactly does this mean? How many comments it got? What I thought was successful?My most popular post by number of comments would be N is for A New Sight, with a white crab spider eating a bee. Pretty weird and really cool.

My Post That I Think Didn't Get Enough Attention

Duckling(s)! This is the post where the first ducklings started to arrive. I love this post and it's pictures and thought it deserved to be up here.

My Post That I'm Most Proud Of

The Escape of Peter, Prancer and Jaimy. A tale of stinky cheese, baby goats and silly pigs. My first story and cutest, if I do say so myself. 

Thank you Pricilla for nominating me. Even though I haven't been posting for long, only since last year, I still loved looking back through my archives and seeing all 233 of my posts, this being the 234. Heehee. That being said, I must nominate deserving blogs I love. 

The Goat Borrower - Mimi Foxmorton and Miss Darla Rose Caprine against the world! Make sure you stop by and check out Mimi's Capra Project.  

Whispering Acres - Lucky Nickel and Claire the Sheppardess's adventures in Nova Scotia, Canada. Lucky Nickel is a very cute little goat with curly whirly fur and three interesting goat bachelors, Inigo Goatoya (we sheared his father, apparently), Westley and Fezzik. Thay are "Sexy Singles". Make sure you go over there and shear Inigo's father!

Life on a Southern Farm - Pam lives on a 100 acre farm in Georgia with her husband, cows, goats, dogs, cats, 24 guineas, lot's of chickens and a donkey named Jack. There is also Miracle Eve the goat. She is to cute and will never give up her bottle (even if Pam thinks she has....)!

And last but not least, Hidden Meadow Farm - Another blog in Nova Scotia, Canada. They have Highlander Cattle and they are very adorable (especially the calves!). They are very nice people and you should totally check them out! You would not believe how awesome these cattle are!

And that's my blog posts of the past. Thanks again Pricilla!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cats, Goats and Cucumbers

I know it's not a very good picture, but look how tiny her head is compared to my hand! She's only 4 weeks old and my Grandparents are fostering her and two other kittens! 
She's so cute!
 How could Silver eat this thistle plant? Don't you think it would hurt? I heard about some dudes that ate stinging nettle plant. OUCH!
I wonder if she's squinting in pain or yumminess?
 Zoe looks very content to soak up the sunshine. We have had a very nice few days, sunny with a cool breeze. 
Ahh, looks like she should be at the beach.
 Gold looks surprised to see me... Does she look like she is hiding something? I will tell you on Friday.
What? Me hiding something? Of course not! Ha. Ha.

I was messing around with my camera, trying black and white, art mode, sepia. All looked cool.
Check out the horns on that monster! 
 This cucumber grew through the fence. Looks awkward.

In regular color.

Thank you for enjoying my rambling!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

In a Goat's Shoes - Theme of the Week #1

Welcome to the first weekly Theme of the Week. This weeks theme will be cats! Cats doing everything and anything. Cats being funny, cats sleeping, cats simply looking cute, anything cats.

My brother came up with this theme. I asked him what he thought it should be and he didn't respond, but he was petting our cat Dixie with a wizards wand (???) my little sister got at the museum. I took that to mean cats and that's our theme this week.

1) You must link directly to your Theme of the Week post, not your blogs web address.
2) Please link only to posts of intended theme.
3) Feel free to email me (see contact page) or leave any questions in your comment.
4) Tell anyone you wish about the linky.
5)I promise to try and visit everyone and leave comments at your link.
6) Have fun and thank you for linking!

Pretty Gold

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Nights at my House #1

This Sunday night, I was laying under the dining room table trying to escape the horrors of folding socks, while I was doing that, my sister and my brother were fighting at the top of the stairs hitting each other with... "things", no idea really what they were hitting each other with. Then, my sister came and sat by me and we started laughing about the idea that my dad didn't know that I was under there. Then he walked by and looked at her weird and she said, "I'm just sitting here by the table on the ground." "Sure," my dad replied, "She can lay under the table and dream about Aerosmith all day if she wants." We had just listened to Yngwie Malmsteen and Ronnie James Dio cover Dream On by Aerosmith. My dad always hates Aerosmith because they are the most overrated band in the history of rock'n roll (his words exactly). I actually kinda like that song and he thinks I'm insane for it.

Anyways, that little peek into my life was brought to you by:
My Own Imagination
The Dining Room Table
Ronnie James Dio (RIP)
Yngwie Malmsteen
And My Whole Insane Family.

Thank you, drive through.
If you'll excuse me, I have to go give my dad a Mohawk (literally, I'm going to shave his hair into a mohawk, in real life, I'm not joking).

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cute Pug Puppy!

This is one of my soccer friends puppies. Meet Pickles! Yes, she is a girl.
 She's a tiny little puppy, just about 8 weeks old.

 She was weaned a little early and will suck on your finger a little bit.

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Chicks, New and Old



His name is Sparkle the Rooster. And he is new.


We got new chicks at the chicken chase at the fair. We also took my littlest sister's friend's chick (Sparkle the Rooster).  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gold MAAAd at Silver, Silver Keeping Secrets and a Stylist... Lots of Drama on As The Goat Turns!

Gold here. I am very mad at my sister right now. I am so mad, I won't even say her name.
The "Sister".
 She will not tell me who does her hoofs.
 At first she told me that it was one stylist and I went there and I said that she referred me to them, but they said they had no client by the name of Sil--, I mean, my sister. So I confronted her and she said that her stylist was so good, that she could not share her name with me. So, I went and talked to Zoe to see if she had heard my sister say anything. She said that she knew who the stylist was! How could my sister tell Zoe, but not me? Is that fair? In any way? No. It's not. So I got the name from Zoe and went to that stylists place, but guess what! She wasn't even very good!

This is the Stylist.

She has lots of accessories, but that doesn't make her good.
She's not even that big!
This cat doesn't care.
And some cats people just don't care. Please, Isobelle Golightly, this sounds like something you would have an opinion on. Advice please?