Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Animals at the Fair

This is Pepper, she and her Human won grand champion.

This is Baby. Her Human is Pepper's Human's sister. Confusing,  I know.

This is Autumn. She took 2nd in the pet class.

This is Porsche. Her Human is in my 4-H club with me.

She is only 7 months old! Isn't she cute?

Porsche and a calf were sniffing each other before the goat show.

Gold and Porsche had a headbutting contest, I think Porsche won.

 There were a lot of cool chickens at the fair this year.

 There were lots of bunnies. They were so cute this year!
I came up with that title! This is my clubs booth.
The theme of the fair this year was Lights, Camera, Action!


Pricilla said...

Very cute goaties and other animals

Millie said...

It looks like you are having a grand time at the fair!

Crow said...

Thanks for visiting my page. I love you blog, you have everything I love!

Melodie said...

Well,I think any event that features goats must be a good event! But you know I am a little fond of goats..just a little,lol!

Texan said...

What cute animals. Lots of pretty goats and love that bunny!

Jenny said...

very pretty bunny.