Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gold MAAAd at Silver, Silver Keeping Secrets and a Stylist... Lots of Drama on As The Goat Turns!

Gold here. I am very mad at my sister right now. I am so mad, I won't even say her name.
The "Sister".
 She will not tell me who does her hoofs.
 At first she told me that it was one stylist and I went there and I said that she referred me to them, but they said they had no client by the name of Sil--, I mean, my sister. So I confronted her and she said that her stylist was so good, that she could not share her name with me. So, I went and talked to Zoe to see if she had heard my sister say anything. She said that she knew who the stylist was! How could my sister tell Zoe, but not me? Is that fair? In any way? No. It's not. So I got the name from Zoe and went to that stylists place, but guess what! She wasn't even very good!

This is the Stylist.

She has lots of accessories, but that doesn't make her good.
She's not even that big!
This cat doesn't care.
And some cats people just don't care. Please, Isobelle Golightly, this sounds like something you would have an opinion on. Advice please?


Teresa said...

Our human does our hooves, but sometimes she's not very good. Then we get to wear a duct tape shoe. I like your big moth friend and think you should get her to sit on your horn as a decoration. :-)

(Blogger won't let me log in, so I've asked the human to post this for me. Some days I'd like to butt Blogger. ~Millie)

Melodie said...

Our goaties say the best stylist have buckets of grain for you to gobble up why they do you hooves!

Pricilla said...

The publicist does my hooves. When I let her. I must always be in charge....