Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Nights at my House #2

OK, I'm under the table (again) trying to think of something funny to post. Today, I went to the zoo in our capital! It was so cool! We saw lots of awesome animals and there was even lots of goats there that you could feed and pet. Typically, I forgot my camera, I only remember stuff that I deem important and you would think that my camera would be important. I remember the license plate of a car we passed, but not the camera? Kinda weird. OK and to the main event....

Tonight, just a regular night, me and my family watched Big Brother, then my sisters and I watched our favorite parts of Easy A. Then my little sisters started to dance around the living room holding hands, an odd occurrence, they usually really don't like each other. Then my older little sister announced that she was going to clear the dish drain... while being sexy (???). She tends to say a lot of things like this, but never acts on it. Now I can hear her in the kitchen singing a song from the movie and dropping silverware all over the floor. Hmm, that seems like she is clearing the dish drain. Not doing anything special, like being sexy for instance. It really makes no sense. I don't even get it and I live with her! That sure is something.

Well, it just so happens that tomorrow night is the night I put up my next Theme of the Week. If you feel like doing so, enter! I'll make sure it's something everyone is interested in and can post about. May be a bit odd though. I'm letting my youngest sister pick this week. 

P.S. I wasn't actually sitting under the table.


Pricilla said...

I am glad you had fun at the zoo

Millie said...

I hope you were nice to the goats. Did you know Opal, who just came to live with us when Claire and Lucky Nickel moved, used to live in a petting zoo? I think she likes it with us better.