Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Silver, Ducks Enjoying a Cucumber, a Pretty Sunset and News

Hmm, the news is kinda bad and kinda good. Plus a really cool thing.

The kinda bad, kinda good, is that I have made the decision to sell Tinky, Silver and Zoe. I have already been contacted about Tinky and might be selling him soon.

The cool news, is that my Grandma is giving me her camera! It's 12.1 megapixels! The camera I use right now is 5.0! That is such a vast improvement. I will be taking so many cool pictures! 


Millie said...

We'll be sorry to see the goats go, but sometimes it's the best. I know what a busy young lady you are. So exciting about the camera!

Pricilla said...

It is hard to be a goat farmer. The publicist says that all the time.
Have fun with your new camera