Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Nights at my House #3

This Sunday night, my whole family was sitting down, eating dinner. We having conversations about all sorts of stuff. We continuously heard long, howling, whiny meows, coming from upstairs. We knew it was Billie and our discussion turned to the mornings when Yolanda comes down stairs, holding up to five pairs of socks that Dixie has brought into her room over the night. Just this morning, she came down with one pair of socks and my littlest sister's stuffed turtle, Shelly. Then Billie runs down the stairs, holding the turtle and looking at us slyly. Kid started screaming, "Shelly! Shelly! Omigosh, Shelly!" Oh. My. Goat. It was too funny.

What happened on your Sunday Night?

Also, tomorrow will be the next Theme of the Week. Make sure you join!


Millie said...

Cats just can't be trusted. My human told me about a cat she once knew that would take the human kids' toys and throw them in the toilet!

Pricilla said...

The Farm cats say the don't understand what is bothering you....