Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Changing Leaves and Gold Expressions

The leaves are changing and falling off. 
 These leaves are probably already off the tree.

 I gave these to the goats yesterday.

I really like the plants these seed pods come from. I love the big, heart shaped leaves.

I got some very nice close ups of Gold's mouth.
 Yummy cud!
 I also got some shots of her doing goaty things, like for instance: Scratching with horns.
 Chewing on inanimate objects. 
 Chewing on fingers.
 And looking surprised at nothing.

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Niki said...

Hi there, found you on the barn hop! Always nice to see another WI homestead blogger. Stop on over to www.originalcountrygirl.com to see my blog if you want. Take care!

Millie said...

Mmmmm...Yummy wood. Yummy leaves.