Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dancing the Rhumba

Uhura and Tinky danced the rhumba yesterday.
Gold and Tinky danced the rhumba today.
Silver stared longingly at Tinkerbell. She's not in heat yet!

You can always tell when Gold is in heat, she's very obvious. The most blatant sign? She attempts to mount Silver. This does not work for an obvious reason. They are both girls. So, let Gold out of pen watch her run (in seemingly slow motion) towards Tinky and let the magic begin! They seem to love dancing. Now, in about 5 months, we will have wonderful little goat kids. I can't wait!

Also, Tinkerbell will be leaving for a new home very soon. The girls came into heat just in time as it seems!  


Pricilla said...

So much fancy dancing going on!

farmer said...

Our sheep are starting to sign up for dancing lessons..they will have to wait a little longer,classes don't start until December!!

Millie said...

Good luck. The human is very mad at me. She says February is not a good time to have kids (but I didn't care).