Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Nights at my House #4

My Sunday night consisted of eating *mexi-feast for my dads birthday (he's turning 46) and trying to play the silent game with my sisters, this always ends up a giggle fest and tonight, Yolanda spit refried beans on Kid's face she was laughing so hard. This resulted in all of us cracking up and losing. Right before that, Yolanda fell over randomly in the kitchen.

Then we played Spin the Bottle, except instead of kissing (EW! WE'RE SISTERS!), we try to make each other laugh. This is fairly easy, I'm a giggle monster, my nickname is Gigi because I laugh so much, for crying out loud! If the bottle points to your own person, you have to make yourself laugh, without any outside influence. Of course, we tried to influence Yolanda, I tackled her and tried to poke her to make her laugh, she's not ticklish at all, I got it all. Then, Kid made her laugh, I'm still not sure how. Then we started throwing things at each other, I threw a little sample thing of dental floss at Yolanda and she threw the root beer bottle we were using at me.

Yesterday at soccer for the younger kids, I stepped on a rock and twisted my ankle really badly. I was just standing there, and then suddenly I fell over and screeched "OW!" really loudly. Then one of our players dads had to practically carry me over to the chairs, where I went to my mom: "Mommy, can I sit down for a minute?" I don't usually call her mommy unless I really want something.My friend came up to me afterward and said "I'm sorry you're hurt, but that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen."  Now my knee hurts from limping all day and my ankle already hurt so that's just dandy. I really hate being hurt, I don't like not being able to run around and get hurt in less serious ways. Now I can't play in our game tomorrow, which sucks.

Now I must stop complaining and go to bed. Thank you for listening to my rants and funny stuff. Goodnight.

*Mexi-feast is a combo of tomatoes, lettuce, beans, cheese, black olives, yummy spicy chicken with enchilada sauce, tortillas, tostadas, and other yummy Mexican type things. It's a feast of Mexican things!

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Millie said...

So sorry you've injured your knee/ankle. Hopefully, with just a couple days of rest you'll be back to your old self.