Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Red Sauce

Our Human gave us some spoiled red sauce. We slurped it up like it was our favorite drink.
 Some of us got it all over their chinny chin chin.
 Someone could not stop eating red sauce.
 Of course I couldn't let Uhura have it all!
 But I get tired of red sauce fairly quickly. Mineral Lick is the thing for me!
You see how much I love it?
 Can you tell we are expecting?


Pricilla said...

Don't eat too much - tomatoes are nightshades and nightshades are not good for us goats.

Claire the Shepherdess said...

My maaaah gave us carrot and parsnip peelings today. We liked those very much. She also had some onion trimmings in there. We don't like those at all.

Millie said...

My silly human tried feeding me nightshades once, but I didn't eat them. Pricilla was smart and set her straight on nightshades. Now we get peanuts and apples.