Sunday, January 8, 2012

Silly Uhura - Straight Out Of Camera Sunday

This is Gold from Goat News 15. Reporting to you LIVE from Lucky 13 Goat Ranch. Today, an epidemic of silliness has hit! Uhura, a local goat, has been seen in fits of absolute silliness. Take a look. 
At first it isn't to bad. And then it goes loony...

You see what I mean? For all we know, the Silly Epidemic is actually the beginnings of goats turning into giraffes! 

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Jan said...

Oh, no! Since we only have dogs, we may be safe!

Teresa said...

I guess you're enjoying your new camera. Looks like a lot of fun up there on the Lucky 13 Goat Ranch!

Pricilla said...

It's all part of our plot to take over the world.

Helen Campbell said...

Ah, too cute. You gave me a good laugh. I'll keep my eyes out for giraffe turning goats. :D