Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On Food and Perfection

 Let me maaaa something to you quietly.
 Uhura has been eating tons of food! She tells me that it is for her babies, but I don't believe her.
 Just look at that. How positively outrageous.  
 Of course, I'm pretty much perfect. The perfect size, I eat the perfect amount (for me AND my babies) and of course I'll have the perfect amount of kids!

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Millie said...

Some goats are in denial about their eating.

Marigold said...

What Millie said. Just look at Boo, and she's not even having any babies.

Michaele said...

You have a very confident goat : )

Kerri said...

I am Lilly, Farm girls(My human) goat
I agree, Absolutely outrageous. I am Pregnant my self and I do not Eat TOO MUCH, as my Sister Honey is a PIG! Literately, a pig (well she is a goat but she has a appetite of a pig). Have a nice day!


Terry and Linda said...

What a very beautiful goat! Twins you think?