Thursday, March 8, 2012

Babies Day Out

Today was really windy, bu tit was warm and the Human let us go out to play!
Cassie licking her lips.
 We got to see a lot of cool stuff. Like wood.
Vinnie sniffing a block of wood.
 Our mom got a carrot! It was a pretty color, but it didn't taste good. I prefer my mom's milk any day.
Uhura eating a carrot.
 She took us out by the road. The Human told us to be very careful of cars. But only one passed while we were out there.
Mama and her girls. 
We saw our mom eating grass. We tried it, but it wasn't good! We had lots of fun running up and down the grassy strip. I hope we get to go out tomorrow!
The babies try grass.



Marigold said...

Those chubby little legs are just too cute! Fear not. Soon you will get to try Peanuts and then there will be no going back. :)

Millie said...

So glad it was nice for the babies to come out and explore.

Jennifer said...

Love baby goats... I have a bottle baby in my kitchen right now, born Saturday mornin along with a twin, both bucklings. Then 2 more kids were born buckling & a doeling.